Certified Septic System Evaluator Course
The course is a two-day program with the first day in a classroom followed by a day of field work.  All participants receive a manual prior to the two-day program. The program is followed up by a written exam which is scheduled bu the participant.  The cost for this program is $400 for members of GSDI and $600 for non-members.

Individuals interested in attending this two day program for educational purposes, can do so by auditing the program.  The fee for this is $300 which will give you the opportunity to participate in the program and receive the manual.  You will not be taking the exams and thus you will not be eligible for the certification.  Space is limited for those interested in auditing the program.  If you are interested please call the executive office.

Schedule: Our training program for 2017 has concluded. No date has yet been deteremined for a future class, though typically it is offered once a year in May.


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